3 Bad Habits to Avoid in SEO Marketing

The overall purpose of SEO marketing is not to have the highest rankings on the web. The purpose to help increase traffic, increase sales, and increase your revenue.  In this article, we’re going to share 3 bad habits to avoid in marketing your business with SEO.

Mistake #1: Avoid Duplicate Content

This is an obvious one. Most business owners are now aware that Google doesn't tolerate duplicate content. When you post duplicate content on your page, you will not only run the risk of getting banned by Google, you can lose money. This not only goes for the content you place on your actual webpages or your blog. It's important that your Meta tag titles and descriptions are 100% unique as well.

Make sure you also update your content regularly so that no one tries to duplicate your content. Top web design companies in NY, like NYC Web Design suggest getting your content updated at least once a month.

Mistake #2: Focusing ‘Only’ on Web Design & Development

Making sure your website design is up-to-par is important for any business. However, when you only focus on design and neglect other aspects of your website, you’re doing more harm than good.  If you have an innovative website, but no one can find you online, you're defeating the purpose of having a website in the first place. Most good web design companies in NY provide additional services, such as Search Engine Optimization to help market your website to potential customers.

It’s amazing how there are website owners who have a phenomenal website design, but their traffic results are non-existent. If you want to build a business and make sales with your website, Search Engine Optimization and online marketing is the key to success (if handled properly).

Mistake #3: Purchasing Links

Now, there is a difference between purchasing links, and hiring experienced web design companies in NY for link building services. Links are still very important in building a successful online business. The more relevant links you have the better. Just make sure you avoid buying links from companies who promise to get your website on the first page of Google. You can have 1000s links, but if they are all irrelevant links, it’s not going to help you attract your target audience, and it certainly won’t help you increase your sales.

If you want to increase sales by converting website visitors into customers, you ‘must’ have a sufficient amount of relevant links from high-quality websites ...that’s just the way it is!

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