3 Major Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin a Companys Website

What your website text says about you is very important. In fact, it can be argued that your copywriting may be the most important aspect of your site to help draw in the users’ attention. Most visitors to a website make a snap decision on if they are staying or leaving. If you fail to draw them in with relevant text, they will leave without a second thought. To prevent users from leaving your website, below are three major errors you’ll want to avoid when placing text on your pages.

Error #1 - Headline Failure

If you can’t create compelling headlines to attract the attention of users, your website will fail. There should be eye catching text that draws the user in, and compels them to continue reading. Without the stellar headline, you’ll have a much harder time trying to gain attention to your web content. In the example of a product based e-commerce site, you want to create large product descriptions that encourage the user to buy your product. Instead of using repeated description text, you want to have something fresh written. Unique headlines will go a long way in selling your items.

Error #2 - Failing to sell yourself

A lot of companies spend more time talking about how great they are, than they do describing what they offer. You can’t neglect this important area while copywriting. The only thing you should be conveying to customers is why they should choose you. What experience does your company have? What can you offer them, and why should they choose you over anyone else? These questions must be addressed immediately when trying to sell yourself.

Error #3 - Failure to direct the customer

Even if you have the best copywriting text imaginable, you still have to lead the customer to where they need to go. This goes hand in hand with the outline of the website, and should be heavily considered while designing. Selling yourself isn’t enough to get a potential customer to buy, or search through a maze to find out what you’re offering. Be clear and concise when directing the customer. Pitch your sale, and immediately lead them to fill in the blanks or click the link. This is the most important aspect of any site selling anything.

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