3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an About Us Page

If you were on an elevator with five potential clients and you had less than 60 seconds to describe your business, you would be a pro (hopefully). Most people are able to make their business sound interesting in just a few words; however, when it comes to having a good ‘About Us’ page, that’s another story.

Unfortunately, many about us pages on the Internet have a failing grade. Many people fail to realize that their about us page is their calling card to having a successful website. Just like the Home Page, the About Us page must be able to capture the attention of your viewers in just a few seconds. In this article, we’re going to share 3 common mistakes to avoid when creating your about us page.

Mistake #1: Your About Us Page is Too Long

Most people don't have time to read a 900 word about us page when they're browsing your website. If they're browsing from Smartphone, they certainly do not have the time to absorb large chunks of content. When building an About Us page, make sure you keep it simple and to the point. 
Although the About Us page gives people bragging rights about their achievements and accomplishments, make sure you don’t over do it.  Remember, even though you’re given license to brag, it’s still all about ‘them’ and not you. This is why having access to a good New York web design company is essential. They will create an About Us page that will get noticed. 

Mistake #2: You Don't Have an About Us Page

For some reason, there are many websites floating around without about us pages. It's important that you have a an 'I' story that sheds light on who you are. Also, be careful on how creative you are with the name of your page. Instead of using "about us'
some people prefer using "Who We Are", "Our Company" or "About Me". Avoid using unorthodox page names, such as: "This is Me" or "Once Upon a Time". 

Mistake #3: Value is Non-Existent

You can sell the most reliable service or the best product available, but if you don't offer people something of value, they will not buy from you. It’s important that you clearly explain what you will offer your your visitors. This cannot be stressed enough.

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