3 Mobile Elements to Include into Your Marketing Strategy

No matter where you go in public, whether you’re in the office, a public venue or at a gala event, someone is texting on a smartphone or tweeting on a tablet. There is no denying that mobile devices have become impertinent in our daily lives. It is no secret that adults spend more time on a mobile device than they do reading a magazine or a newspaper; in fact, experts predict that Internet usage on mobile media will surpass desktop browsing in 2014.

Here are three mobile elements to include into your marketing strategy: 

·      You can create a multi-channel, all-inclusive marketing campaign which can reach your clients at various touch points; this is paramount to the success of your business. However, the appearance and texture must be constant and synchronized across social, mobile and online devices. 

·      You may have designed an attractive marketing campaign. It may look appealing on a desktop, but if it doesn’t look good on a mobile or tablet device, will leave. Customer never enjoy pinch zooming a website just to read content. When it comes to providing a gripping mobile experience, elements like graphics, navigation and headlines have specific rules. If you don’t understand how clients want to interact, then they will abandon you for the competition.

·      With a mobile application, you don’t want to neglect promoting it via social media. More than any other medium, social is where men and women really engage with various brands and are eager to discover the latest news. You need various ways to promote your application. It will be boring merely to have a straight call to any download.  You’d want to identify the clients looking for something which they will find easily via an application; you can even discover where they spend their time online. Thus, you can reach the clients with savvy promotions custom-made for your target clientele.

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