3 SEO Steps to Take Before Redesigning Your Website

Many small business owners wait until after their website is redesigned and initiated prior to hiring an SEO expert. Sadly, this can lead to costly website changes in design which could've been made during the process of design. There are times when it is a challenge to correct certain issues after the launch of a website without basically rebuilding the website.

Moreover, search engine traffic can be vastly diminished for months after the redesign and launch of the website. Fortunately, there are appropriate steps you can take in the redesigning process. Here are 3 SEO steps NYC Web Design recommends taking before redesigning a website.

You want a search engine friendly website with no barriers to any search engines. During the design of a website is the ideal time to make certain a search engine friendly website is achieved. If you already have a website, then you can consider achieving a particular level of a website review or more widespread audit on it. In an audit on a website, a New York web design company with an SEO consultant, can examine the website to search any problems with the design or other restrictions which may encumber results of an organic search engine.

During the design of the website, an SEO consultant can scrutinize storyboards or wireframes and website prototypes or development test websites at assorted stages in the process of development and design to ensure a friendly search engine.

It is quite helpful to possess an understanding of what the vital search terms are for your site in the process of the website design. As for keyword research, you can deem what keyword phrases visitors are searching on to discover services and products as well as associated topics in primary search engines.

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