3 Ways E-commerce Videos Can Bring Value to Your SEO Campaign

At NYC Web Design, we have discovered that more e-commerce retailers are discovering the value of using e-commerce videos to help enhance their SEO campaigns. In this article, we’re going to reveal the future of e-commerce video and how it will affect the world of e-commerce.

Videos Will Go Beyond Product Pages

Currently, many e-commerce owners utilize video for their product webpages. You will also see more companies using videos on their social networks and e-newsletters.

Videos & Slideshows Will Replace Static Product Images

Why are videos replacing static product images? They engage the user unlike static photos. If you don’t want to use videos, you can use a slideshow of still images. This is considered much more engaging. OurNYC web design team can help you create a unique slideshow of still images and help integrate videos on your e-commerce website.

Getting Started

Using videos to promote your products may seem very time-consuming and expensive. There are some alternatives that will save you money and time. For example, you can ask your customers to create a short video testimonial about a product of yours that they have recently used. Then you can include the videos with your product pages. This will make your website a lot much more interactive than using still images alone.  It’s good to mix it up a little and use a combination of images and video.

Videos aren’t limited to your SEO campaign; you can also use it to enhance your mobile strategies and social media campaigns.  

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