3 Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy Now

Does your online marketing need a little fine-tuning? Here are three surefire ways to help improve your SEO strategy and your bottom-line:

1. Get links from high-quality websites.

When you post comments on blogs and forums, make sure they are from high-quality websites. Generate links from websites with a high PR (ex. PR3, PR5 or Pr6). Avoid linking from low quality websites at all costs. Consider hiring an experienced SEO consultant to guide you through the process. At NYC Web Design, our SEO team will develop an effective SEO campaign that will not only help you gain exposure in the search engines; we’ll help you attract more contacts.

2. Never build too many links at one time.

To achieve higher rankings in the search engines, spread out your links. Remember, New York City wasn’t built in a day. Many people think that building hundreds of links in a short space of time will somehow miraculously boost their rankings. Over the past few months, Google has become very selective when it comes to increasing rankings. They’re looking for websites with natural links, not websites with hundreds of irrelevant links. Focus on building quality links first and foremost.

3. Increase your conversion ratio with high-quality SEO content.

This can't be stressed enough. If you want to attract more visitors, your content must be search engine friendly and human friendly. When you add keywords to your content, it should flow naturally within the text. Make sure your keyword density is between 2-3 percent. Your keywords must also be relevant to the theme of your website or the product/service you’re promoting.

Do you need help with online marketing? Contact NYC Web Design today. We’ll help you improve your web presence and help you attract more visitors.

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