4 New Link Building Tips that Can Help Improve Your Ranking

Google is constantly changing the rules of the game when it comes to gaining high search engine rankings. Here are four link building tips that will help you gain higher rankings.

  1. Provide Engaging Social Media Content - In addition to the traditional link building strategies, it is important that you provide people with engaging content. In other words, provide your visitors with content they won't mind reading and sharing with their friends. This is how your content becomes viral. As a result, you have a much better chance of reaping good results from organic link building.
  2. Build Links through Your RSS Feed - The reason why you should integrate links to your RSS feed is to increases your chances of getting links back to your website. The general idea is for people to read your content and link back to your site. This is an effective SEO strategy.
  3. Don't be anti-social - It can be easy to huddle in the corner by yourself on the Web and ignore your neighbors. However, if you want to increase your rankings, you have to be social. Connect with other similar businesses in your genre. For example, let's say that you own a jewelry store that sells costume jewelry, consider hooking up with a ready-to-wear fashion studio, a bridal boutique or even a jewelry repair store. Consider writing a blog post for them with a link back to your website. Google loves to rank websites with quality links.
  4. Avoid link farms - Businesses vying for position on the first page of Google may have gotten away with hiring link farms to build links fast in the past. However, Google is no longer ranking websites with bum links. Remember, it’s about quality not quantity. If you want high rankings, stay away from link farms. It is not worth getting your website banned from the search engines.

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