4 Ways Your Website is Causing Your Search Rank to fall

Has your website dropped in ranking? There are multiple reasons why a website will decrease in rankings. Here are four ways your web design may be causing your search rank to fall.

  1. As for the change in search engine ranking algorithm, NYC Web Design has seen in the last few years how Google has made great strides to change their algorithm on a routine basis. Algorithm changes and Penguin updates can cause changes in your ranking. It's important that your website design is not only SEO friendly and user-friendly, your content should be written Google-friendly.
  2. When it comes to loss of page rank/link popularity, your links may be the culprit. It's vital that you have an SEO consultant who knows what He is doing. If Google finds your links are coming from poor quality websites, this can greatly reduce your ranking. If this is the case with your website, a qualified NY seo company can rectify the problem. It may take time for your site to move up in ranking, but in the long-run, it will be worth the investment.
  3. Does your website have malware? Normally, when Google spots malware on web pages, it will make a warning to visitors who click on these pages in the search results prior to sending them to the website. Although this is not a drop in ranking per se, the result is just as adverse since few visitors will continue after the warning.
  4. You still use black hat techniques. An old trick is hidden text which can remain unobserved by search engines for some time, but is discovered ultimately. Obviously, you don't want to hide any text by making it similar as the background in color. Google can detect this quite easily and you will get a severe penalty. Avoid any shortcuts and you will be less likely to be penalized by Google.

These are just a handful of ways your website could be causing your search rankings to fall. If you need help improving your website design and online visibility, contact NYC Web Design at: 718.984.0500.

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