5 Common Homepage Design Mistakes to Avoid

When creating your own website you want to be sure that it attracts attention and works in a way that people come away with a positive feeling about what you have to offer. Making your homepage over crowded or complicated can turn people away and make them feel too overwhelmed. There are five common mistakes that many people make when creating their homepage. Avoiding these mistakes can make your business thrive and keep word of mouth your biggest asset.

Mistake #1: Making Your Page to Complicated

You can put up a great looking building but if no one can find the entrance you won't get any business. The same thing works with your homepage. Many of these sites have lots of blinking lights and great looking graphics and then you try to navigate the site and leave in frustration. It is better to keep it simple and make sure that your site is easy to use and has the information people are looking for rather that trying to dazzle your visitors with the newest effects.

Mistake #2: Overselling

When you visit the home page of a site and get bombarded by how they are the most honest, biggest, greatest in their field and then there is not much information backing up these statements, it leads most people to move on to the next contender. If you deal with people in an honest way and just include the information people need to make up their own minds, it is far more likely they will continue looking into what you have to offer rather than assuming you are just out to toot your own horn.

Mistake #3: Underselling

There is a difference between saying you are the best and showing people how good you are. If you have won awards, completed big jobs, been accepted for a major contract or have great customer feedback to share, that is not the same as shameless self promotion. Letting people know how great you are by showing them what you have done is not the same as telling them your great with no back up to prove it.

Mistake #4: Too Many Ads

If the first thing your customer is confronted with is banner ads and then more ads between each section and then maybe get around to the meat of the site that doesn't inspire confidence. You may make a few bucks from ad sense but your visitors will not respect you for what your site is truly about. With ads for everyone else you business takes a back seat. You site is to promote your business and inspire confidence in what you have to offer. Too many ads makes you look desperate and not as serious about what you are doing. Plus all of those ads and banners slow down your loading time and many times that is enough to make people jump ship.

Mistake #5: No Contact Information

If you want to drum up business people need to feel like they can contact you easily. If they have to look for your information they may not bother. Having your contact information on your homepage where it is easily accessible will make people appreciate the convenience and feel more secure in doing business with you because you are easy to reach if they need to discuss a problem or need further information. It doesn't always take a professional web designer to improve your website. Just cleaning up your site and getting rid of a few minor flaws is all it takes in many cases to improve you visibility, increase your visits and see your business flourish.

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