5 eCommerce Optimization Tips

Optimizing your e-commerce website should always be top priority when running a new or even successful business. You must always stay on top of the ever-changing online environment, and make sure you’re always providing a friendly user experience. By following our top 5 e-commerce optimization tips found below, you can assure your business a fighting chance to become wildly successful.

Tip #1 - The Always Important Page Title

You always want to ensure that every product page on your e-commerce site is optimized for the proper keywords. When you look at the tab on the top of your Internet browser, you will find the title. The title should clearly state the product, or service name in all capital letters. This is important because the search engines read this text, and will rank the page according to what the title says. By having a proper title for each page, you can begin seeing your product pages appear in various search engine results overnight.

Tip #2 - The Product Name

It may seem self-explanatory, but it is critical that you use proper naming etiquette when listing your items. By etiquette I mean using h1 tags for all of your product descriptions if possible. The h1 tags are recognized as important by search engines, and will allow users to find your pages more easily. It is always important to capitalize each word, and even sometimes come up with a unique name for your product so that it stands out. If you’re selling a common item, you may want to refresh it’s product name to attract added attention. This is a great way to sell products that aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. The page title and product name are usually very similar, if not identical, so keep this in mind.

Tip #3 - The Product Description

This is an area where I see web owners becoming lazy. They will simply copy and paste product descriptions they find either from the manufacturer, or from some other website selling the same item. You can not do this. You should spend the time, or money, to have excellent product descriptions written out for each product page. Excellent product descriptions help to sell an ordinary item, and attract extra attention from users. Don’t fail to create eye catching descriptions, or you could be losing sales.

Tip #4 - The Product Image

The product image is the most important feature on any product page. It is what the customer will look at first. You must use professional images, or your customers will leave immediately. Sorry to say, but looks mean a lot when it comes to buying almost anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cereal. If it doesn’t look good in the image, people simply won’t buy. Luckily for e-commerce business owners, the product image is usually supplied by the manufacturer. Try and make sure you have high quality images for each product. It is not easy to photograph products on your own, and you don’t want to go down that road. Trust me.

Tip #5 - Link Navigation “aka” The Bread Crumb Trail

I’m including this because you always want your customer to be able to freely navigate your website. Don’t trap them on any one page, and don’t force them to click the back button on their browser. People will often times x out of your website altogether when they become confused. Usability issues can kill your e-commerce website before you even begin. Make sure you have links pointing to every area, and that you keep the overall flow of the site consistent.

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