5 Hot Mobile App Design Trends for 2012

With the mobile app space exploding this year, it’s only going to continue growing bigger well through 2012. Below is a list of the hottest trends in mobile app designs, and where the industry looks to be headed. Having a mobile app for your own website is becoming more and more important as people are gravitating towards cell phone use. With millions of people using the iPhone everyday, you need to have your own app. Feel free to construct your own application using variations of the design trends found below. 

Trend #1 - It’s all about the text 

Strictly text based design layouts are one way to simplify the user app experience, and create a lasting effect. By keeping the app confined to only large text, and simple button commands, users don’t have to flip through options or multiple screens to find the answers they need. 

Trend #2 - Creating depth perception

Using gradients and shadows is an excellent way to create a more personalized experience. Buttons and navigational features are using shadows to create a depth-perception that beckons users to touch the screen. This is a great way to encourage interaction between the app and the user at all times. 

Trend #3 - Color distinction

More and more apps are moving away from ordinary colors, and using ones that leave more of a lasting impact on the user. Colors are known to enhance the user experience, and evoke an emotional response in the user depending on the color used. The point of using colors to spark a connection is important to draw them back for more. 

Trend #4 - Unique background patterns

Instead of using solid colors as a background, more apps have turned to a texture based look. Using wood panels for example can be an effective look against some text fonts. Try using different shades, and texture patterns to create a unique user experience when designing your mobile app.

Trend #5 - Simple navigation throughout

The easier your mobile app is to traverse, the more inclined a user will be to return. Keeping a simple overall design structure and layout is critical to any new application. Although including options and features into your app is always recommended, you must simplify the process to its core functionality so that you create an easy to follow user navigational trail.
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