5 Illegal SEO Techniques to Avoid

Competition for first page location on a Google search is fierce, because that is as far as most people will go on a search for products or services.  Some companies get to that first page by paying for an ad, and others arrive there by providing excellent products or customer service, and submitting high quality, informative, and helpful blogs and posts. In your quest for page one; here are some things to avoid:

1.  Stuffing Keywords

Though you may not go to jail for this one, Google could ban your website from their search engine for a few years or forever.  The type of keyword stuffing that could land you in hot water is obvious; nonsensical sentences filled with keywords, content filled with fluff and keywords and has no other purpose than to boost search engine ranking. This is considered by many to be the top one of the 5 illegal SEO techniques to avoid. 

2.  Link Farms

Link Farms is a website page that has possibly over one hundred links to other websites that has nothing in common with the landing page website. It is simply a vehicle to rack up points in the SEO game, and is an unethical tactic that could get your website banned.

3.  Doorway Pages

This is a landing page purposely designed to increase SEO. People searching the internet do not even realize they pass through a doorway because it is not viewable to us and we are immediately redirected to another webpage.  However, a search engine “spider” will recognize that doorway as a “hit” and include that hit in its ranking system.

4.  Veiled Text

This is basically a technique where a webmaster will write a page full of keywords with the color of the type the same color as the background.  Naturally, all we see is a blank page, but a search engine spider can read it, and will include the “unread” keywords in its ranking system.

5.  Page Jacking

Copying another person’s copyrighted material without his or her permission and presenting that material as your own is considered stealing, and that can land you in criminal or civil court. 
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