5 Important Things to Remember When Building a Small Business Website

Regardless of what industry you're in, all online consumers have one thing in common - they want to have a smooth online experience. Over the past few years, mobile web usage has increased exponentially. It is more important to cater to mobile web users than ever before. Statistics show that mobile web usage is increasing exponentially (51 percent higher than 42 percent Desktop usage). Having a mobile friendly small business website will take you far. Here are five important things to remember when building a website:

Choose a Responsive Design

Whether you purchased a template or you hired a web developer in NY to build your website from the ground up, make sure it is a responsive design. A responsive website design will ensure that your Web visitors will be able to access your website from their mobile devices. One advantage of having a responsive design is that it will detect when your visitor's screen size and automatically ada­­pt to the specific layout.

Include a "View Desktop Version"

Give your visitors the option to view the Desktop version of your website. Some mobile users like to have the option to view the full website.

Your font size and button sizes matter a lot for mobile devices. For font size, it should be at least 14px. This may seem big, but instead of having your users zoom in to read your content, make it easier for them by adjusting your font size for maximum legibility. The only time you should be going smaller, to a minimum of 12px, is on labels or forms.

Button Size and Font Sizes

Make sure your button sizes are large enough for people to tap onto. There is nothing more frustrating than tapping onto the wrong button because it's not the right size. As far as the font size, make sure it is between 12px – 14px – this will ensure that it's legible to read.

Consider Your Target Audience

One mistake that many people make when building a website is that they do not consider their audience. It is important to know what device people are viewing your website on. You can find this information out by conducting research or using analytics.

Don't Neglect SEO

You can apply all of the important aspects above, but if you fail to incorporate SEO, it will be a complete waste of time. When your rankings are in the top position, it will receive more exposure for your website. Plus, if your competition is investing in quality SEO and you neglect it, they will receive all of your traffic and potential profits.

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