5 Rules for Successful Email Marketing


Email marketing can help drive more traffic to your website and convert subscribers into customers -- if it's handled the right way. Here are  5 rules for successful email marketing:

1. Include Text Emails.

Often times, many marketers ignore the importance of text-only emails because HTML emails tend to have better results. Make sure you create a text version of your email because not everyone is able to view HTML clearly. Make sure you send it in tandem so the email is sent in the correct format when the recipient receives the email.

2. Make it Socialable

When you have a socially shared email, your potential subscribers (or customers) will share your information with their friends. As a result, your email has the potential to reach more people than you may have expected. Make sure you include a social media link to your Facebook and Twitter so people can follow and “like” your page.

3. Reduce Your Number of Images

Make sure you keep your number of images to a minimum with email marketing.
Some of your email recipients may not be able to view your images within the email. As a result, each image they can't view will be viewed as an empty space. Focus less on images and stress more on well-coded html.  You might want to consult with a New York web design company to help you create a well-designed email marketing campaign.  A web designer will give you pointers on how to create an email that’s visually acceptable.

4. Avoid Broken Email Links

When you have broken links within your email, you won't be able to drive traffic to your website. It's also important that people are able to view your links. Your link should be a different color from your text. 

5. Include an Unsubscribe Link 

Make sure you always include an Unsubscribe Link to your marketing emails. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, all businesses are required to include an unsubscribe link within their email.
Bonus: Always make sure you include a strong call to action, such as: "register here" or "click here".
If you need help with developing an email marketing campaign, our New York web design team will be happy to assist you. Contact us today for a free quote.
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