5 Successful Small Business Homepage Design Tips

The homepage is considered one of the most important pages of a website. Your homepage can have a great impact your company's bottom-line. Here are five homepage design tips that will help improve your homepage usability:

  1. Include a Tagline - Don't forget to include your tagline.  It should summarize what your website is all about or the purpose of your business.
  2. Check for Spelling Errors - A homepage that's riddled with spelling errors can ruin your website. It only takes one simple mistake like writing 'afordible’ instead of ‘affordable’ to change a visitor's mind about contacting you.
  3. Make Social Media Current - Using social media to promote a business has become the norm for many small businesses. For instance, you can imbed a live feed of your most recent Twitter posts on your website. Every time you post a new tweet, your homepage will instantly update on your homepage.  Just make sure you remain active with your social media outlets. There is nothing more disconcerting than visiting a website that hasn't posted a tweet in two months.
  4. Be consistent with your brand - Your template design, logo design and color scheme should reflect the product or service you're offering. Your brand should be consistent in all platforms. For example, your business cards, flyers, letterhead and company brochures should mimic your website design.

    In addition, your social media platforms should also be consistent with your website design. It’s amazing how many business owners will ignore this important design element. Believe it or not, your target audience will take notice if your brand is inconsistent. If you need help improving your brand image, consider hiring a New York Web Design company. 
  5. Display a Search Box - If you have a large website, consider including a search box. This will make it easy for your visitors to find what their looking for on your website.
Whenever you improve the appearance and the functionality of your website, you're automatically adding value to your business. Contact  NYC Web Design for a free quote on our web design and development services.
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