5 Things Consumers Expect From a Mobile Website

So, you’re thinking about getting a mobile website for your business.  Before you take the plunge in building a new site, there are a few things you should know. For example, your mobile visitors will expect your website to function smoothly and efficiently. Here are 5 more things consumers expect from a mobile website:

1. Keep Navigation Easy

Have you ever been on a mobile website and the navigation was like going through a maze? Your visitors will expect your website to have simple navigation. Make sure you keep scrolling to a minimum.  If you have a very large website, place a visible search box on your page. You can also place a ‘scroll to the top’ icon.

2. Instead of Flash Use HTML 5

The search engines still find it difficult to recognize flash sites and sites with heavy flash animations. Talk to your New York web design company about using HTML 5.

3. Make Your Buttons and Links Large

There is nothing more frustrating than tapping on a page and the link or button is so small that you’re redirected to the wrong page. Imagine if a visitor tapping on the ‘Buy Now’ button and it’s so small that they accidently click onto a totally different page? This will give people plenty of time to change their mind about making a purchase. You can solve this problem by making your links and buttons finger-friendly.

4. Design Contrast

Make sure you have a nice contrast between your text and your background. Your background shouldn’t overshadow your text. Otherwise, people will have a difficult time reading your content.

5. Make Your Design Clean and Simple

You can still have a captivating website with a clean and simple design. It is also important that your website is fast loading. No one wants to wait several seconds when navigating through a website. If you have a lot of images, make sure they are compressed so it loads faster.

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