5 Things E-commerce Websites should NEVER Do

Thousands of e-commerce websites are launched every month. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites will never see the light of day. Many entrepreneurs are so anxious about getting their products into the hands of their customers, that they ignore important aspects of building an e-commerce business. There are many mistakes that can be avoided. Here are 5 things your website should never do:

1. Don’t Go Cheap on Your e-Commerce Design

Often times, many business owners try to save a few extra dollars by skimping on their e-commerce design. You should never skimp on design. Skimping on design can actually hurt your sales. Your consumers will expect you to have a well-designed website. Make sure you place your e-commerce design project into good hands. Not every web design company is cut out to build an e-commerce site. You need an experienced e-commerce web designer in NY to build your website. This will ensure it is built the proper way.

2. Don’t Make Sharing Difficult.

It’s amazing how there are still e-commerce websites out there that don’t have sharing capabilities. Make sharing your website easy for your users. If a user finds your product interesting, they will feel compelled to share it with all of their social media friends. A professional e-commerce web designer in NY can develop a site that will make it easy to share.

3. Don’t Focus on Hard Sells

When most people think of hard sells, they think of boiler room tactics that telemarketers use. They figure that the ‘hard sell’ will somehow convince people to buy their products. The purpose of marketing your e-commerce business is to drive sales by delivering value, educating, and entertaining your customers.  There are too many websites out there that do the exact opposite.

4. Don’t Ignore Multimedia

Multimedia will help make your content more engaging to users. It will also encourage your customers to return to your website in the future. Some people put multimedia on the back burner because they assume it will be very costly. It’s important to note that you don’t have to do everything all at one time. Web design and development is an ongoing process that never really ends. Take gradual steps when it comes to building a multimedia website, especially since technology is constantly changing.

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