5 Things Mobile Users Hate about Poorly Designed Websites

We all know that poor user experience can be a major cause for low visitor-to-lead conversion rates, a bad reputation, high page abandonment rates and poor organic search listing positions. Here are five things mobile users hate about poorly designed websites:

1.    Let’s be clear…pop-ups have, is and will always be vastly annoying. Although a pop-up can probably attract some new email subscribers, it’s not a good investment when you consider all the visitors who will vacate your website in frustration. You can convert visitors to your website into clients with gripping offers and innovative content, not infuriating gimmicks.

2.    When a page loads, automatically playing multimedia content can be quite invasive. Someone may want to enjoy a quite browsing session and then they are bombarded with a talking head on a video or your theme song for which he/she didn’t press play; this is before they have to search for the stop button. Visitors should make the choice to play the multimedia content you like; nobody should be forced to listen to your material.

3.    As for the blink test, that is three seconds visitors have to become accustomed on a web page before they click the back button. You can forget the animations, and allow users to focus on what they can accomplish on your page with well-written headlines and illustrative copy.

4.    It is advisable to display images of clients, real men and women who work at your business and location. You can even create images yourself if you’re savvy in design which relate to your company. If images clarify something for a visitor, then they are valuable. Most people don’t appreciate generic stock photography.

5.    The least useful form of lead generation is the “contact us” form. Not only is it generic, but it doesn’t even specify the visitor is willing to receive continuing communications from you. Many times, they may have a one-time request or situation which needs to be undertaken. Make sure you include other ways people can get a hold of you right away.

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