5 Ways to Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy for Better Results

The goal of every business owner should be to create a brand. One way to enhance your brand is to fine tune your SEO strategy. Here are 5 ways to help fine tune your SEO strategy for better results:

1. Create and Distribute Press Releases

It is necessary for marketers to distribute as many press releases online as possible (at least 1-2 press releases per month). Make sure your press releases are newsworthy and well-optimized.

2. Check for Broken Links

Make sure all of your links on your website are live and repair any broken links. Remove low quality; broken and low quality links can damage your rankings on the website. Consider using link checkers, such as: brokenlinkcheck.com or deadlinkchecker.com.

3. Encourage Online Reviews

Make sure that you are signed up with Yelp and Google Reviews. Encourage satisfied customers to place a review about your product or service. The key is to get as many reviews as possible. Reviews are a great way to help build credibility for your business. Also, don't be alarmed when naysayers post negative reviews. Use negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your business.

4. Monitor Your Website Closely

Do not neglect responding when someone leaves a review or a comment on your blog. You should consider checking your website by paying a visit to the search engines. Place your website into the search results (ex. "www.yourwebsite.com" - include the quotations around your domain name.). Then check to see if anyone has posted any new reviews or comments. You should also monitor your social media site for comments and reviews on Facebook.

5. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

Always keep your website up-to-date for your users. There is nothing better than visiting a well-designed website that is current. They key to having a website that is successful is updating a site for your users - not just the search engines. Make sure your website design is responsive for people visiting with their mobile devices and make your content engaging and error-free.

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