5 Web Development Tricks That Will Set You Apart


Do you want your website to set your business apart from the competition? The following 5 web development tips should do the trick:

1. Keep your web pages short.

Remember, writing for the Internet is a lot different than writing for newspapers or magazines. When people search the web from their PC or mobile phone, they skim through pages. Your content should provide people with what they want quickly and clearly.

2. Make navigation a breeze.

Make sure your website has good navigation. Your visitors should be able to easily navigate through your website.  If you have long web pages filled with text, make sure you use anchor links to help your visitors to move around.

3. Keep your images small.

Often times, people will upload a photo without optimizing it and resizing it for the web. Remember, smaller images are much easier to load on a screen than large images.

4. Keep links up-to-date.

You can always tell when a website is not well maintained because it will have broken links. When you have broken links on your website, you're telling the search engines and visitors that web maintenance is not a priority. Make sure you use a link checker to help you find broken links on your website.

5. Hire a pro.

Should you hire a pro or do-it-yourself?  If you want to increase your ROI, hiring skilled NYC Web Designers is the smart choice. NYC Web Designers will not only build a visually appealing website, they will also build a website that’s user-friendly. Don’t cut corners when it comes to web design and development. You may be able to save a lot of money building your own website or using a site builder but you lose money in the long run.  Web users are savvier than ever, they can tell the difference between a professionally built website and a poorly built website.
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