6 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

More and more people are searching the Internet from their iPad, iPhone and other wireless devices than ever before. If you’re using WordPress as your website, there are a few things you can do to make it more mobile friendly.
1. Try WordPress Mobile Edition
This is a great plugin to use if you have a WordPress site. It shows an interface designed for a mobile phone (or tablet) when people visit your website. It automatically detects mobile browsers and the mobile browsers can be customized directly on the settings page.
2. Make Your Mobile Site Scannable
Make sure your content is laid out in way so it’s easy for people to read. For example, place whitespace around your paragraphs. Always break up your paragraphs into blocks so it can be easily digested by your readers. Paragraphs that are too long make it very difficult to read.
3. Make Your Content Clear & Concise
In order to make your web content clear and concise, it must get to the point and immediately capture the reader’s attention. When people read your content from their mobile devices, they’re reading it from a much smaller screen, so you have to make sure it’s readable. One way to capture your readers’ attention is to make your headlines short and interesting. 
4. Don't Over-do it with Images.
Limit the amount of images that you post on your mobile site. If you want your articles to get read, try to limit your images to 1 or 2 for mobile readers.  Images are an excellent way to make a point and to arrange your text. However, when a person is reading a webpage from an iPhone or other wireless device, it can be a very tedious process if it’s not arranged nicely.
5. Javascript or Flash - Don't Count on it Just Yet
Flash is great when viewing a webpage from a desktop computer or laptop. However, it doesn't work well on mobile devices. There are some people that will argue that it does work. That's not 100 percent true. When you try to view flash on a small wireless device, it takes longer for you to view content. Most mobile users are on the go and they don't have extra time to wait until a 30 second flash demo is complete.
6. Hire a New York Web Design Company
If you want to impress your visitors and reap the benefits of having a well-designed, mobile-friendly website, hire an experienced New York web design company. They will not only build a well-designed site, they will also build a website that’s marketable.
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