7 ECommerce Optimization Tips

If you want to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace, your e-Commerce site must be well optimized for the search engines. Here are 7 e-Commerce optimization tips to live by:

1. Create unique product descriptions. Often times, many e-commerce owners will utilize the same product descriptions from the manufacturer. Then you have several websites floating around the Web with the exact product descriptions. You not only want capture the attention of buyers, you also want to attract the search engines. Think about rewriting the product descriptions to make them more appealing and SEO friendly.

2. Add quality content to your e-Commerce store. Make sure you create engaging content that will help your customers make a buying decision. Often, many store owners will just post their products and descriptions. If you want to people to buy your products, you have to provide them with persuasive content. This also gives you the opportunity to utilize your most important keywords. Just make sure that your keywords flow naturally within your text.

3. Include customer reviews on product pages. Using your best customer reviews on your product pages can help a great deal. Customers are reading reviews and making buying decisions based on reviews more than ever before. This can also help in building customer trust. People are more likely to buy from a website that has good reviews.

4. Utilize Google's keyword tool. You can find the most popular keywords by using Google's free external keyword tool.

5. Get Social. If you already have a Facebook page for your brand, consider utilizing Google+. With Google+, users can see your posts, content and photos within their search results. When you're highly active in Google+ it can increase your chances of showing up in the results of a potential consumer.

6. Use Google Places. Google Places for Business did a recent study and they found that 97 percent of shoppers search for local businesses on the internet. Google Places is a great tool to use. It allows you to post detailed information such as live updates, coupons, office hours and photos.

7. Make sure your homepage title has three of your most important keywords. When it comes to optimization, your homepage is one of the most important pages because it tells Google what your page is focusing on. Place 3 of your most popular keywords on this page.

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