Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Facebook has over a billion active users. This places small business owners at a great advantage. With Facebook advertising, it gives you access to your target market right in the palm of your hand. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook Ads.


Facebook Ads Offer More Flexibility than Google Adwords

With Facebook ads, you are given more character length for your ad descriptions compared to Google Adwords. Facebook also gives you the option to create image based ads.

Facebook Ads are More Economical

You can reach your target audience at an affordable rate compared to other ad programs.  It allows you to adjust your budget while reaching people globally from their PCs, Laptops or Smartphones.

You can Offer Promos from Your Facebook Fan Page

This is an affordable way of connecting with your customers and prospects. Most of all, it allows you to build your brand image and brand loyalty. You can also update your latest product launches and keep your customers abreast to your latest promotions and special events.


Ads Won’t Guarantee Sales

Once a Facebook user clicks onto your website or blog, what will they see? It’s important that you have a well-designed and mobile friendly website. It is also important that your web content is relevant, interesting and persuasive. At NYC Web Design, our web designers in New York will build a new website or redesign an existing website that will compliment your brand.

Handle Negative Content

Although social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to communicate with their customers, there is a downside. It only takes one dissatisfied customer to post a negative comment on your Facebook page. Do you have a plan of action? Make sure that your Facebook page (including all social media sites) is closely monitored. If you don't have time to monitor your own social media sites, consider hiring a social media manager to help you maintain and monitor your social media pages.  

Facebook Ad Wars

When investing in Facebook advertising, you have one of two options: pay per impression or pay per click. Although the cost per impression is only 2¢ and the cost per click is 1¢, this may not seem like a lot, but there is a catch. Facebook encourages advertisers to bid a higher rate at the point of creating your ads.

The problem with this method is that when the competition bids higher, this puts entrepreneurs and small business owners at a great disadvantage because the ones with the highest bids receive more exposure.

Professional Web Designers in New York

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