Android Development - How to Make Your Android App Content more Accessible from Google

It’s been said that Android apps are more user-friendly to users with limitations that are physical, visual or age-related when those men, women and children activate user-friendly mobile device services and features.

These accessible services can enable your application to be more user-friendly even if there are no user-friendly changes to your code. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to boost the ease of access of your app and guarantee an optimal experience for mobile users. 

To ensure that your mobile application is user-friendly to all users, you can follow several steps, namely when you produce your user interface with several components offered for Android devices.  

For Android development NY, here are steps to make your Android app content more accessible from Google:

  • You can include a descriptive text to the interface controls for your application with the use of Google android: content Description attribute. With CheckBox, ImageButton and ImageView you want to pay extra attention.
  • You can be certain that the user interface elements can receive typing or touch input can be employed with directional control of a trackball, physical or virtual D-pad or even navigations gestures.
  • Audio prompts are normally complemented with another notification or visual prompt; this can assist deaf users and those with hearing impairments.
  • Your Android app can be tested with the use of user-friendly navigation features and services. Explore by Touch and TalkBack can be used if you only want directional controls. Accessibility Testing Checklist can provide more information.
  • You may want to build custom controls which cover the View class, but you need to complete additional work to ensure user-friendly components. The document will cover how to create custom view controls that is well-suited for user-friendly services.
  • The steps for implementation in this document depict the necessary stipulations to make the application user-friendly for users with low-vision or blindness. You can make sure to review these requirements to serve deaf users and those with hearing impairments in the Google Accessibility Developer Checklist.


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