App Development Tips for Blackberry 10 Users

Are you thinking about hiring a New York web design and development company to build a mobile app for Blackberry? If so, the following information is a mini-guide on how to make your mobile app user-friendly.

Blackberry 10 App Development Tips:

The one thing you will want to keep in mind, when building a Blackberry 10 app, is to keep the app design simple as possible. There are three important steps you should follow when creating a user-friendly Blackberry app.

  • Make sure your design is simple enough for people to find what they need in a fast and easy manner.  
  • Decrease the amount of steps it takes for them to achieve your customers’ goals. Use commands in a clear and distinct way.
  • Try to arrange the tasks that people will be using most frequently on the screen. All other extra tasks can be placed on a menu screen.
  • Make sure you avoid clutter. Use geometry consistently and keep color to a minimum. Utilize graphics and animation to your advantage. It should be used as a guide to help your users understand the symbols within your app.
  • Your app should also be scalable. For example, users should be given the option to change their font sizes if desired.

One thing that some apps do not have is the ability to redo or undo an action. This can be frustrating. Make sure you provide your users with the ability to redo and undo their actions.

Hiring an Experienced Mobile App Developer

If you want to build a mobile app for Blackberry users, it’s important that you hire New York web design and development company that specializes in mobile app development. At NYC Web Design, we specialize in building mobile apps for Blackberry, Android and the iPhone.

Contact us or call: 718.984.0500 for a free quote and consultation.

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