Apps that Present a Challenge in The App Store

A mobile app can lag as soon as it is launched. It can make an iPhone or iPad unusable. When certain aspects of your iPhone app don’t work well, the iPhone app can crash quite often. 
If you lack confidence with your coding skills or are unsure what you’re not doing, then it may be prudent to consult a NYC iPhone application development company. Our experienced iPhone app developer will have an acute eye on the code and understands how to program the iPhone app better for the mobile platform. You can even perform user testing on mobile devices to ensure the iPhone mobile app works efficiently.  
Another dilemma could be when the iPhone app already published embarrassing images or information on Twitter or Facebook without notifying you first. Your iPhone app collects personal data and forwards it to developer servers or somewhere without your consent or knowledge. 
Transparency is vital. If your iPhone app requires tracking or access of user data, then you can ensure it is stated clearly to the app user. All of this should be documented in the Terms of Use of the iPhone Apps; it should be indicated on the iPhone app store description as well as your iPhone (Apple) website. 
You can always make certain your iPhone app displays permission prompts whenever there is sensitive information. This should be an option, not a requirement to use your iPhone app. If a user can’t trust your iPhone app, then it’ll be challenging for the user to want to use your iPhone app. 
NYC iPhone App Development
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