Are Free WordPress Themes Good or Bad for SEO?

You may be thinking: Are free WordPress themes good or bad for SEO? You can answer with a YES and NO. The benefit of using WordPress is the vast array available of free themes. Many of these aren't only harmless, but ideal choices for any blog or website. However, some can severely hurt your SEO. The following are examples:

• Are there any links that are spammy? A theme that is WordPress which is given away as part of a SEO tactic or a link network can damage your SEO results and organic search visibility. If you aren't permitted to eliminate links, then do not use the template or theme.

• Will the themes be updated and supported? There are a few themes which are free and patched against vulnerabilities of security or upgraded for future releases of WordPress. Unfortunately, this may not be good for your SEO.

• What do some others say about it? User feedback and reviews can tell you if the developers have a solid reputation and trusted.

• Does it follow the best practices of SEO and guidelines of Google? You can run a quality check quickly on the demo site and see if it suits the guidelines of Google, loads quickly, coded well and is mobile friendly. This research can save you lots of frustration subsequently.

• Is it mobile friendly and well-crafted? The most appealing themes look stunning and are suitably coded, as they follow the best practices and standards. Sites which aren't mobile-friendly have the risk of being eliminated from SERPs.

The WordPress community is huge. There are literally thousands of developers and designers, tens of thousands of writers, and at least millions of users to contribute to advertising WordPress. A popular method to achieve this is developing and designing WordPress themes that are free.

WordPress themes which are free are an ideal way to get started with a website or blog. You may want to begin writing about a topic but have no intention of investing the money in a site design that is custom in addition to hosting and having a domain. Once your website is operating smoothly, there is nothing to keep you from dissecting, building and learning from your efforts.

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