Common iOS 7 Problems Users Have and How to Fix Them

The iOS 7, the latest version of the mobile operating system by Apple, saw its advent on September 18, 2013. As anticipated, the release of the iOS 7 met with mainly positive reviews. Naturally, this is due to the fact that it was the greatest change the iOS has experienced since its introduction in 2007. This update promised to add an array of new features, with a look that is more conceptual, flat and streamlined.

However, it is normal for operating systems that are new to suffer from a few glitches after their premieres. If anyone recalls, the Apple Maps on iOS 6 was a serious debacle, maybe even catastrophic. As for the iOS 7, it’s only been in existence for a few weeks; the update has prompted a myriad of complaints from Apple users.

Here are some common problems users have and how to fix them:

  • There is an issue which causes texts that are sent via its iMessage app to fail to reach some users. On different message boards for Apple, users of iOS 7 made complaints that they would send a message that seemingly went forward, only to see later receive an annoying exclamation point which is supposed to mean it was never sent. To fix this problem, simply turn the iPhone off and back on again.
  • When there are updates to the Apple operating system, certain apps like Camera must update along with others. Unfortunately, this can cause users to get kicked out of the system. Users mention applications like mailbox and Snapchat as their biggest obstacles. To fix this problem, we’ve already witnessed some tweaks recently; other repairs are likely on the way to please iPhone users. Another way to rectify the problem is to go to “Settings,” “General” and then to “Background App Refresh.” It is best to turn off any applications that gives you problems.
  • Some iOS 7 users are experiencing rapid battery drain. There are a few things you can try to help fix this problem. For example, you can turn off all the apps that you aren't using. To do this, go to 'settings' then to the 'Notification Center'. There are other battery saving tips that you can use to save your battery life. Here are a few more ways to save your battery life from Apple.

Are you an iPhone user that’s experienced any problems with iOS 7 lately? Feel free to share.


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