Common Mistakes Businesses Make with Mobile Marketing

A wise person knows the importance of learning from one’s mistakes and the mistakes of those around him/her. This proves crucial when spending hard-earned cash on mobile marketing efforts. Avoid costly mistakes by following these tips.

Don’t pack too much info into your mobile spot. Follow the old K.I.S.S. rule to capture a user’s otherwise fleeting attention and direct it to yourself. Use keywords that specify exactly what you’re pitching, for whom, and where.
Make it universal. Mobile devices have limited capacity compared to the Internet. Don’t bog down your marketing efforts with bandwidth consuming activities such as downloads or color-intense ads. Allow the user to simply keep the info on his phone for immediate action. He doesn’t want to print something out based on what he saw on your mobile ad; he wants to use a number or code you’ve given him and get to the next step. 
Send those interested to the proper place. For instance, when they click through, they don’t want to go to your home page; they want to go exactly to the place where they can follow through on their interest. Enable a landing page on your site or blog for just this purpose.
Send it to the right audience. If your audience is Seattle architects, you don’t buy into the Utah market, right? And if your audience is only residential architects target those, not the firms who specialize in designing schools.
Action required. What do you want your interested parties to do? Mobile marketing doesn’t have the time luxury of a TV commercial or the space luxury of a magazine ad. If you want people to come to your gelato shop offer a discount or incentive for action.
Uniformity. If the visuals and verbiage of your mobile ad vary greatly from your web site, it confuses the potential customer. She’ll get turned off, possibly think it’s spam or a virus, and ditch her efforts to respond. Provide uniformity in all of your collateral materials and your digital presence.
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