Common Mistakes with Android Development

Obviously, everyone makes mistakes at some point. However, when it comes to Android development, mistakes can be costly. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when building an Android app.

Mistake #1: Building a mobile app without considering the end user.

So, you have an innovative mobile app that you would like to have developed. The question is - will your app users enjoy using it? Before you hire a mobile app developer in NYC, make sure you think about the people who will be using your app. Ask yourself the following important questions.

  1. Am I building an app for ‘me’ or my mobile app users?
  2. Do they currently have a need for my app?
  3. What benefits will my app offer?

Answering these three questions can help you save a lot of money. Many companies will pour thousands of dollars into app development and receive mediocre results. There is really no point in building the most innovative app if your target audience will never use it or benefit from it.

Mistake #2 Designing an app for one screen size.

One screen size doesn't fit all. It is important that you consider the various platforms Android has to offer. For example, a tablet device is a completely different size than an Android phone.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the battery life of a device.

Your Android app will be one of many apps on a user's device. Make sure your web developer considers the battery life of the device a person will be using. The coding that a developer uses should be clean.

In addition, a developer should avoid developing a widget that's so cumbersome that it constantly refreshes itself. This will automatically cause the load time to increase. As a result, it will drain the battery power a lot quicker. One way to help avoid excessive battery drainage is to create an app that automatically dims. This will help save the battery life.

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