Design an SEO Friendly Website with the 3-Click Rule

An appealing website can be helpful to entice visitors, but there is a myriad of factors which can lead them to another website. You want to build a client base. Thus, if you want your website to perform well and desire to convert traffic into lifelong subscribers, then are some tips to design an SEO friendly website with the 3-click rule:

  • For easy navigation, you want to make your website as simple as possible for visitors to browse your pages, find interesting articles and purchase your items/services. The 3-click rule is highly effective if you want to ensure your visitors don't have to click links merely to find your articles. The last thing you want is for your visitors to be frustrated and confused. They should be able to access your articles from the home page.
  • Most of us have had to endure the dreaded experience of visiting a website and waiting for a considerable amount of time until the webpage loads up. This certainly leads to lost traffic. You should consider factors and design which may lead to your page slowing down, namely for mobile users.
  • It can be extremely frustrating to have traffic, but not many customers to send an email, comment or like your own post. Your call-to-action should be enticing to attract visitors and create excitement; they need to feel the need to enroll or contact you. There should be a contact form that is simple with your telephone number and other pertinent details.
  • There are valuable tools to help you promote your products, services and brand. For example, Google Authorship entails a Google + profile picture to the search results in Google. In other words, if your blog post appear on search results, your picture, link and title will be included to enhance the reliability of your posts. This is also very good for SEO.

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