Does SEO Page Rank Really Matter

There are many alarmists who feel that SEO is no longer relevant. However, there is no truth to that. Granted, Search Engine Optimization may appear differently from even last year, but the truth is SEO Page Rank really does matter.

Truthfully, tactics that have been categorized as SEO might as well be considered extinct, most likely because they are irrelevant, ineffective or are in violation of the guidelines of Google, and haven’t been penalized yet.

For the most viable SEO Page Rank, it is important to understand that there are lucrative examples of basic SEO tactics and others which aren’t effective at all. Here are some ineffective examples: keyword hiding and stuffing, purchasing directory links and mass links, duplicating categories and websites on various domains, automatic content and content spinning, and optimizing just for outcomes in ranking.

At its core, SEO is the art and science of creating content of high quality that is easier to discover on search engines. The chief point being “content of quality” which enables customers to answer questions which generates a purchase or another business result. Many algorithm updates on Google are projected to reward good content and penalize spam. It may not always seem like it, but many of the best practices for SEO from Google have your best interest at heart; thus, it’s imperative to learn these practices and grasp them.

Fortunately, we do have some effective SEO tactics: keywords which bolster client targeting, on-page optimization and SEO copywriting, optimization of internal links, attracting links, technical SEO, and conversions and engagement optimizing.

Search engines are becoming more efficient and smarter, as they “screen” content better than before. However, many of us still have the intrinsic ability to select the meaning of content and nuances. That is why it’s vital to send the proper signals to search engines and create signals which are easy to comprehend.

It takes a skilled SEO consultant to create an effective SEO strategy that will benefit your business, drive relevant traffic and help increase your website’s revenue. To find out how NYC Web Design can help improve your online marketing, give us a call at: 718.984.0500.

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