e-Commerce vs Traditional Brick and Mortar

Traditional Brick and Mortar stores have been around for years and they will continue to have their place for years to come. However, e-Commerce is on the rise, especially with the trend in consumers wanting convenience, mobility and the flexibility of making purchases from their home. While traditional brick and mortar stores have many advantages, e-Commerce is quick taking rank and we are noting a rise in the number of consumers who choose to buy online. 

e-Commerce allows customers to show wherever -- whenever. While traditional brick and mortar stores might close at 9:00pm, e-Commerce sites can be accessed at any time, as long as the consumer has Internet access. Likewise, e-Commerce gives companies more of a global marketplace, as the products are available to anybody in any country. Traditional brick and mortar stores can really only reach a certain distance in a very specific place.
Traditional brick and mortar stores use many more resources, time and money than e-Commerce sites. With the cost of electricity, postage, paying rent and other business expenses, stores have to spend more of their profits on these expenses whereas an e-Commerce site can avoid paying for these items.
E-commerce gives businesses the opportunity to give their customers support around the clock. They can include frequently asked pages and links to additional information on their website. Customers who are not happy with the product they purchased can go to the e-Commerce site for additional information whereas in a traditional brick and mortar store, customers would have to wait until they were open the next day and call or go in to the physical location in order to ask questions or make a complaint.
While traditional brick and mortar stores are not going into extinction any time soon, the number of e-Commerce businesses is rising rapidly. With so many additional benefits, businesses are seeing great results as they make the switch.
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