Embarrassing Web Development Mistakes to Avoid

Often times, many entrepreneurs will do anything to get their website up and running, even if it means launching an incomplete site. In today's society, consumers are savvier than ever before. If your website is not up to par, you could lose a significant amount of business.

It's no longer like the early 2000s when companies would take their website design for granted. If your website is not well designed, people will take notice and judge your company based on your website design and functionality. Here are a few important tips to follow when creating a website design: 
Make Sure Your Website is Accessible to All Users
One thing that many entrepreneurs forget is that everyone is different. There are no two visitors exactly alike. If you ignore accessibility items, such as 'link title tags' and 'alt', you may be missing out on potential traffic from people with special needs.  Everyone should have a good experience while navigating your website. 
Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly. 
This can’t be stressed enough. Avoid investing all of your energy and money on enhancing your website for PC users. Everyone who visits your website will not visit from a laptop or desktop computer. You must be able to accommodate those who will be navigating from an iPhone, iPad or even a Blackberry. If your mobile visitors are struggling to navigate through your site from their phone, they will leave and visit your competitors’ mobile-friendly website. 
Avoid using shady SEO techniques
Using black hat SEO techniques will get you no where.  Avoid shady SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing.  Avoid stuffing keywords in your sidebar or footer. You will also want to avoid randomly tossing in keywords in your content.  The purpose of SEO is to provide the search engines and your visitors with content that's relevant and readable. 
Keywords should flow within your content naturally.
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