Embarrassing WordPress Mistakes Even the Experts Make

Whether you’re using WordPress for your blog or your website, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. Here are the five mistakes you should avoid:

Mistake #1: Keeping the 'Just Another WordPress Blog' Tagline

It's amazing how so many professionals keep the default tagline on his/her WordPress blog. Don't forget to replace the tagline with your own tagline. Having your own tagline will help make your blog appear more personalized.

Mistake #2: Using a Default WordPress Theme

If you’re going to use the WordPress platform for your website, avoid using the default WordPress themes. NYC Web Designers suggest using either a paid WordPress theme or a custom designed theme - preferably custom designed.
When you use the default themes, it not only looks unprofessional, it doesn’t separate your website from the thousands of other people who are using the exact theme design.

Mistake #3: Your WordPress Site Is Set to Private

WordPress has an option for people to set their CMS site to private to keep it out of range of the search engines. If your goal is to improve your web presence and to gain traffic, your website should be not be set to private.  

Mistake #4: Not Backing Up Your Site

No one is exempt from getting hacked, even if you have a secure CMS platform like WordPress. Make sure you backup your website to help keep hackers at bay.

Mistake #5: Using the Administrator to Post Content

Avoid using your administrator username to post content. Otherwise, whenever you post a new article, your username will appear. Make sure you change the publisher’s name. If you prefer not to use your personal name, use something like 'editorial team' or 'editor'.

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