Great Web Design Tips that Will Increase Your Conversions

There is one common issue that many business owners face and that is converting visitors into buyers. They may have plenty of traffic driving to their website, but people are just not buying their products. If your goal is to increase your website conversion rating, try these tips:

Avoid flash intros.

At one time, it seemed as though every website had a flash intro. That was a great trend for the time, but today, a lot has changed. There are more Smartphone and tablet users than ever before. Flash intros don’t work very well on wireless devices.

The key to successful conversions is to get people into your website and immediately interested in what you have to offer. Avoid any kind of distractions that will cause people to jump ship so-to-speak.

Choose fonts that are easy to read.

Your fonts should be easy to read across all browsers and devices. Myriad Pro, Cabin, League Gothic, Franchise, and PT Serif are good examples of modern fonts that are easy to read on all devices.

Have a bold call-to-action.

Your call-to-action should be noticeable on every page. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create an attractive looking call-to-action image for your Webpage. You should also include a written call-to-action within your web content.

If you’re launching an offline marketing campaign, your print collateral should also have a bold call-to-action. People won’t know whether to make a phone call, send an email or make a purchase you ask them.

Design each page like a landing page.

There is no guarantee that every person that enters your website will land on your Home page. When each page is designed like a landing page, people won't have to go to your Home page to find out what you have to offer.

Use professional images.

Use professional looking stock images or professional photography. Consider hiring a graphic designer in NY to create professional images for your websites. Remember, people are drawn to captivating images.

Avoid using cheap looking images or photos from free stock image websites. This will spoil the look of your website and give the viewer the impression your products/services are also poor quality. 

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