Grow Your Business with These Web Usability Marketing Tips

Usability when it comes to a website isn’t some difficult abstract. It just means that visitors can easily get to where they need to go and find what they want. Using these marketing tips will not only make it easier for a visitor to get the information they are seeking, but it will engage them from beginning and keep them from going elsewhere. Remember, you have less than 30 seconds to get them into your site, or they will be lost!

Site navigation

This may seem elementary, but many web marketing and SEO companies can find endless lead by finding web sites with poorly placed, non existent, or just plain useless navigation bars. Make sure yours is big, bold, and easily read. And make double sure that all the links work right!

Site Maps

No matter how well you make the navigation bar, space limitations will prevent you from putting every possible category on it. Site maps have no such limitation, and can let you fully index the web site according to any and every topic for easy navigation.


A tagline is a company motto or mission statement that tells what the business is all about in one sentence. Taglines have proven to the big factor in whether a visitor sticks around or not; if it conveys what they are seeking in an obvious manner, you have a chance to convert them. If it’s not prominent, or missing, good luck.

Make pages easy to scan

People aren’t going to read four-inch long paragraphs packed with words. It just doesn’t happen. Rather they are drawn to sub headings, well placed graphics, and skim over the content looking for useful information. Keep paragraphs, and even sentences short and crisp. And create “white space” with sub headings and spacing between paragraphs. 
By realizing the limitations that all web marketers face and tailoring the web site to address them from the get go, you to can grow your business with these web usability marketing tips. Remember, you have less than 30 seconds to catch their interest, and if they find any difficulty in using the site, they will simply click off of it.


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