Help Your Mobile Website Get Maximum Visibility

SEO Mobile optimization is constantly changing. Every SEO tip that worked a couple of years ago will not work in today’s mobile environment. According to Forrester Research, there will be 1 billion Smartphone users by 2016. That’s 257 million smartphone users and 126 million tablets in the United States.

If you want to take part and benefit from the mobile revolution, here are a few tips to help your website get maximum visibility. Remember, more visibility means more sales or contacts.

Hire an Experienced Mobile Web Designer in NY

A good mobile web designer in NY will create a website that’s eye-catching and simple in design. He or she will also design a website that is different than your desktop version because the screen will be much smaller than a PC screen.

The focus should be on your visitors needs than the actual design of the site. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on design at all. Top priority should be on your customers’ experience.

Highlight the Most Important Information

When a person searches from his/her iPhone or Android, they typically search for three things: 1. Service, 2. Contact Information, or 3. Directions. It’s important that you provide people with immediate access to those pages.

Don’t forget to include strong call-to-actions. This will make it easier for the customer to complete the task they need. For example, if you want people to call your office to register for a conference, your call-to-action button should be large enough so when a person taps the button with their finger, they instantly hear the phone ringing.

Optimize for the Appropriate Screen Size

Make sure you optimize your website for screen size. This is important because mobile devices come in an array of sizes. The Blackberry 10 screen is much different than the Mini iPad or the iPhone 5. Consult with a mobile web designer in NY to find out more information on optimizing your mobile site for various screen sizes. This is very beneficial.

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