How Does Your Small Business Website Match Up to Your Competition

Online marketing can provide your small business with another chance to connect with your prospective customers. This is why a myriad of companies in the United States (and abroad) have a small business website. To make the most of your small business website, it is imperative to scrutinize the competition on the Internet to discover various effective marketing tactics and those that are useless. 

To study your competition on the Internet, you must first see how you fare in the search results. You can type in your local search in Google and discover where you rank compared to the competition. If you rank lower than those businesses, then you should consider an SEO company in NY that offers an SEO plan to help boost your rankings via backlinks, press releases, on page and off page optimization, and more.

Naturally, this depends on your budget, market and level of competition to dictate how long before you can boost your rankings. You can even examine customer review websites such as CitySearch, Google Places and Yelp. You need to know what customers like and dislike about your competition. Each comment provides an opportunity to increase your business and offer local customers what they desire.

Most prospective clients look at three businesses on the Internet prior to making a purchase decision offline. If your customer review pages are not filled with reviews like the competition, then you can solicit reviews from your most loyal customers and create your site with photos, important details and specials.

You can view the efforts of the competition in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. If you complaints on these particular sites, then you can reach out to their followers. Your competition may not be doing much in social media; thus, this can prompt immediate call to action.  

These areas can present an opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition and form your business as the local authority. You want to pay close attention on your competition; when you discover a weakness on the Internet, you can use it to improve your business. 

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