How jQuery is Replacing Flash on Most Websites

If you’ve been researching online about the latest web development software, you have more than likely heard a few good rumors about jQuery.  So, what exactly is jQuery?  jQuery is a fast and succinct JavaScript Library that makes animating, AJAX interactions, HTML document transversing and event handling for faster web development.

Who’s Using jQuery?

More website owners and NYC web designers are using jQuery instead of Flash. Why is that? There are a few logical reasons why. In this article, we will explore the various differences between jQuery and Flash.

jQuery vs. Flash

With jQuery, you don't have to worry about buying expensive software. On the other hand, when you buy Flash, you must purchase Flash software in order to perform the encoding.
Another problem with Flash is that it's not available on the iPhone, including several other Smartphones. So if you have a traditional Flash website and the majority of your visitors are using their Smartphones to access it, they will have a very difficult time viewing your site.
jQuery supports reader accessibility. All you have to do is use a jQuery plugin (accDND) and you can enable the screen reader and keyboard through their drag & drop functionality.

Is jQuery Better than Flash?

jQuery can do much better than Flash, in most cases. When compared to Flash, jQuery is built for easy customization and development. This is why so many people are choosing jQuery over Flash. 
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