How to Bring Visual Media to Social Media with Your Smartphone

There are two important things that drive success in social media - high-quality photos and quality video. If you’re a small business owner or a start-up, hiring a professional photographer and a videographer can be very expensive. There are alternatives until your budget allows you to splurge a little.

Some experts suggest that you wait until you’re able to afford professionals to handle your visual media. Time is too short to wait. Besides, while you’re waiting, you’re competition will be moving up the ladder of success.

If you have an Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet, you can bring visual media to your social media presence (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube etc.). Here are a few tips to get you started:

Photos and Images:

You can use your phone to take quality photos of your staff, your place of business and even your products. There are many online photo editing sites that you can choose that will allow you to resize your photos, add special effects and crop. Some sites even have similar functionality as Photoshop.

For images and icons, you can use stock image websites. Some stock image sites offer free (or paid) use of their photos and icons. Just keep in mind, some sites will ask you to include a credit to the photographer or graphic artist.

Video Production:

You can use your wireless device video camera to take videos. Make sure you create a compelling script for your video. As far as actors are concerned, you can contact a local actors group or actors school to see if they would be willing to help out with video production. Some actors will volunteer their time in exchange for video credits.

In addition, you can also speak with student graduate filmmakers to help you with filmmaking. For a reasonable fee, some student filmmakers will even edit your video for you. There are many ways of bringing visual media to your social media websites within an affordable price.

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