How to Build a Custom Facebook Page that Stands Out

Creating a custom Facebook page is easier than you probably think it is. Instead of being stuck with the same layout everyone else has, you can create a unique experience for anyone visiting your Facebook Fan Page. The fan pages allow you to use apps that you can plug into your page to change it for the better. Standing out from the crowd is always a great way to draw extra attention to your company or brand. 

Step 1 - Understanding The Format

You create a unique Facebook page by inserting custom tabs. In order to create a custom tab on your Facebook page, you need to insert an iFrame application. An iFrame is simply HTML code placed inside another web page. So you’ll take some code, say an image, and insert it onto your Facebook page. The opportunities are endless when using the iFrame format. Essentially, you can place an entire website page into another. This is how companies place banners, and other sale images, on their fan page. 

Step 2 - How To Do It Yourself 

So now that you know how it’s done, you’re probably wondering how you can do it yourself. There are essentially two different options available to you. You can either build your own iFrame application from scratch, or use an existing third-party application instead. 

Let’s assume you don’t have the knowledge to create your own application. They require coding experience, and you’ll probably have to look into outsourcing this task. Unless you want a truly unique Facebook fan page, you should probably hold off on going this route. 

The easier way would be to use an existing iFrame application. There are many websites out there that help you to place whatever content you’d like onto your Facebook page. All you need is an image, or some basic HTML code, and you can design your very own unique fan page. 

Once you find one of the many third-party application sites you feel comfortable with, all you have to do is install it on your Facebook page. This is usually very easy, and most of the applications you create will provide specific instructions for you to follow. 

By building your very own custom Facebook page, you can increase the number of Facebook “likes” you receive, and provide an enjoyable experience to your visitors. Don’t become intimidated by the process itself. It’s usually very easy, and the rewards far outweigh any problems you may encounter along way. So what are you waiting for? Create your own unique Facebook fan page today with our useful tips found above.

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