How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

Launching a Facebook ad campaign will not only increase your online exposure, it can also increase your conversion rating. However, there are a few important things you should know before launching a campaign. Our NYC Web Designers suggest the following tips before launching a Facebook ad campaign:

Use Sponsored Stories to Your Advantage

When it comes to marketing, Sponsored Stories is considered one of the most neglected tools on Facebook.  The purpose of using sponsored stories is to take your best status updates and to use them to gain new fans. For example, let’s say that you’re having a premier of your first documentary film. Your goal is to attract 200 viewers on opening night. On the evening of your premier, you sell 175 tickets. This is a good opportunity to post the following status update:
“We just sold 175 premier tickets. Will we get 25 more viewers?”
If a fan posts the following update on your Facebook page after the movie:
“This film is a must see!”
You can turn this post into a sponsored story. When you convert your messages into sponsored stories or testimonials, this is a creative way of attracting more fans. 

Utilize Facebook Ads:

If you want to people to do more than ‘like’ your Facebook page, you have to capture their attention from the get-go. One way of grabbing people’s attention is by using Facebook Ads. One advantage of using Facebook ads is that you can easily target your audience. 
For instance, a middle-aged lawyer in Nebraska will see a totally different set of advertisements than a 21-year-old college student living in Peekskill, NY. Thanks to demographic filtering, you can increase your chances of gaining potential customers who may be interested in your product offerings. 

How to get started with launching a Facebook Ad Campaign

Hiring a New York web design company is a good start because they will direct you every step of the way when launching your campaign. They will not only post ads for you, they will make sure your website and your Facebook page are ‘brand-worthy’. 
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