How to Create a Marketable Pricing Table

There are many deciding factors when it comes to a customer making a buying decision. Having a captivating website design and fresh marketable content is all good; however, if you want to really hook your audience you need to have a marketable pricing table.

Don't over sell - keep it simple

How can you over sell on a pricing table? Isn't 'selling' the purpose of having a pricing table in the first place? The answer will always be 'yes', but you can't have too much information or too little. In other words, you don't want to plaster your pricing table with too much text. Less is more. When you have too much information, it's like information overload.

At the same time, you don’t want to have a page that lacks information.  You don't want your customer to get confused and give up. Your pricing table is your calling card to a sale or contact. You don't want to ruin this opportunity!

All you need is a short, but concise pricing table that's easy to read. You can check out a variety of sample pricing tables by searching online. For example, take a look at the wireless phone companies. You’ll notice that their pricing tables are scannable and easy to read. Looking at these sample pricing tables will give you a good idea of how your pricing page should be set up.

Make your prices jump off the page

Not literally, of course! But you will want your prices to stand out in the eyes of your viewer. For some reason, many websites have prices that aren't highlighted. This this can be very confusing to shoppers. If you want to convert web browsers into buyers, your prices have to stand out on a page.

To make your prices stand out, try using a different font size. It is also important that you use larger headlines. This will ensure that your potential customers will see the pricing details.

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