How to Enhance Your Mobile Marketing for Smartphone and Tablet Users

When one designs a website, it is important to consider the fact that smartphone and tablet users have plenty of experience browsing. Over 17% of all Internet traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. This is all due to the production and the diminishing costs for tablets and smartphones. Responsive web design is an effective way to enhance your mobile marketing for smartphone and tablet users.

Responsive web design is necessary because it can take mobile-optimized websites to   another level. Mobile-optimized websites have been around for quite some time, but the idea has its origins via more devices being introduced on the market with various abilities and screen sizes. Instead of a mobile web and a desktop web, in the marketplace there were phone tablets, feature telephones, tablets and other similar devices. Thus, we saw a necessity to have a single website which was beneficial for everything, instead of being intimidated with personalizing every tablet and device on the market.

Responsive web design is first-rate among all web designs. This is a simple notion and a viable website which will adjust its configuration and function for any mobile device. A website can go from a full menu, to having a side-menu or push-button as soon as the screen on the device becomes too small to handle it routinely, in a viable responsive design. iPhone users don’t have to zoom into a web page; they don’t have to scroll to read what is written left and right. Thus, they will have the same benefit as men and women on the tablet or PC. We all have the same benefit with the best setup and view for our needs.

Responsive themes are namely popular among websites that are content oriented such as blogs and news sites, which an even greater percentage are mobile users. 

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