How to Make Facebook Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Whether you are reading this article on your PC, tablet or smartphone, the fact is there are presently 6 billion active mobile devices around the globe, and it is still increasing. Companies persistently tailor their online marketing to the small screen of a smartphone. This has become one of the most straightforward and instant form of communication.

Smartphones and tablets will always outstrip email accounts for convenience, flexibility and communication. There are consumers who prefer emails from their favorite brands, which is possibly a marketing scheme to still test SMS marketing. However, Facebook marketing should be mobile-friendly. In fact, Facebook and other social media should be front and center of your platform. If you don't achieve this, then you could lose potential and current clients interest.

Here is how to make Facebook marketing mobile-friendly:

If most of your 'likes' come from mobile users found on Facebook insights, then you can make your pictures fit ideally on a mobile device screen. A picture post should be sized approximately 620 pixels wide by 412 pixels high.

Facebook has a unique option to place certain posts on the top of the Facebook page. When users view the Facebook page from a mobile device, not all the posts are displayed. You only see a few posts on the page; thus, make certain viewers do not somewhere else by placing an appealing picture to the top of the Facebook page.

It is also advisable to keep the picture captions no more than 100 characters. Smartphone users aren't interested in scrolling through a novel. Most men, women and children are out and about with their mobile devices. Novels should be reserved for blog posts.

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