How to Minimize Abandons and Bounces for More Sales Conversions


It takes less than 10 seconds for a visitor to determine if they want to remain on a website. If your website doesn’t provide people with what they want, they will abandon your website. The following are a few tips on how to minimize the amount of abandons and bounces for better sales conversions. 

Speed Up Your Webpage

When you increase the speed of your web page, you will experience less bounces. You could have the best product or service to offer people but if your website is poorly designed or takes too long to load, people won’t give your product/service a chance. 

Enhance Your Web Content

You're web content not only has to be well written, it also has to connect with your visitors. Make sure your content is unique and it immediately answers their questions. Web content should also be brief and to the point. Also, make sure you include a call to action on every page.

Make Your Website User-Friendly.

Your website should be easy to maneuver. If it's not, your visitors will leave your website and visit your competitor's website. Remember, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. If they are having difficulty finding what they're looking for or your website is filled with broken links, they will leave and never return. Consider consulting with a New York web design company to analyze your website. They will determine if your website has any usability issues.  

Your Ads Should Match Your Landing Page Message

Always make sure that your ads match your landing page message, otherwise, you will confuse people. For example, if you're ad reads "Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning", make sure your landing page fulfills that message.
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