How to Setup a Google Store Badge on Your Website


Since Google introduced their Google Trusted Store badge, many store owners are adding their badges to their website. In addition, many people are experiencing good results.  According to experts, online store owners have seen significant increases in their conversion rates (up to 9.6 percent).  If you want to join the bandwagon and enhance your website with a store badge, follow these instructions below:
Step #1: To get started, go to the Trusted Store Batch Merchant sign-up site.
Step #2: Type in your primary contact information.
Step #3: Review the performance standards and the eligibility requirements.
Step #4: Put in your cancellation and shipment data feeds. The purpose of this step is to match your order IDs that are sent through the order confirmation page with cancellation and shipping feed data. At this point, you'll need the assistance of a New York web design company like NYC Web Design.
Step #5: You’re finished! Now add the code to your website.

Benefits of Adding a Google Trusted Store Badge 

Adding a store badge to your website offers a few good benefits. For example, it can attract more potential customers. It can help boost your conversion rates and the size of your order. The Google Trusted Store logo can appear on your Google ads.  Some online shoppers are more likely to base their buying decisions on whether or not a company has a badge.  More importantly, having a Google Trusted Store Badge can help your website build credibility.
If you need help building an eCommerce website or you just need help adding a Google Trusted Store Badge to your website, our talented New York web design team is here to assist you. For a free quote, contact us or give us a call at:  718.984.0500.
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