How to Use Facebook Contests and Giveaways to Gain Potential Customers


Most people are now aware that Facebook is not just a place to keep in touch with family and friends. It is a powerful social networking tool. You just have to use it to your advantage if you want to see good results. One way to use Facebook is to offer free giveaways and contests once in a while. This is a great way to increase your following and gain potential customers. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Offer a prize.

Consider inviting a sponsor to offer products that you can give to your followers as prizes.  Some companies will offer their products for free or at a discount in exchange for social media exposure. If you can't find a sponsor, purchase a gift certificate or other item to offer as prize. 

Select a starting and ending date for your contest. 

Then promote it on your website and on Facebook. The general idea is to gain a lot of exposure so that you gain a lot of contest entries.

Free Giveaways

People love free giveaways. Make sure that your free giveaways are connected with the product or service you offer. This is a great way to promote your business and to gain potential customers. 

Select a winner.

Announce the winner of the contest on the date you offered in the contest announcement on your website and on Facebook. 
Lastly, make sure you announce your next upcoming contest in a status message. This will give your followers and friends something to look forward to in the near future.
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